Monday, August 29, 2016

Concerning National ID cards

originally posted on Experience project

Source: DMV

There are already national Id laws on the books that will go into effect in a couple of years. This is yet another police state initiative that is being passed of as a measure to combat 'terrorism' and 'illegal aliens.' While a National ID card is not immoral in theory, the implications of these laws are far more reaching than what proponents are willing to admit. First off, people will be prohibited from traveling, even within the country, without having this card; this much is admitted right off the bat, and with the addition of interior check points and the FBI's Biometric database you should have a vivid idea of what this legislation entails.

As always, the political class and their cronies are using fear of a presumed external threat, as they have done for centuries on end, to manipulate the citizenry into giving them (the political class) more control over our lives. In this particular instance, they tell us that we need this to deter illegal aliens who are supposedly taking American jobs and are a drain on the economy (well they couldn't do both simultaneously as this would imply a contradiction). The leftists think that we should emulate everything European countries do so of course they're behind this as well even though it hasn't reduced terrorism or illegal migration over there. Oh but we should be more like France and Sweden *jazz hands*. And since 70% of Americans don't even know what their rights are, I won't be surprised if this things goes unopposed except by 'fringe groups.'

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