Thursday, November 3, 2016

Corporate Propaganda About DAPL Exposed (Part 3)

Energy Transfer Partners likes to tout the slogan "100% domestic production, for 100% domestic consumption," but their stated goal of bringing energy independence to the US appears dubious at best when we examine what they've said and done after congress lifted the ban on exporting unrefined crude in December 2015.
“We will not own the oil that is transported through the pipeline. We are like FedEx. We will deliver the oil to the refineries for the producers.”
- ETP spokesperson, Vickie Granado 
Now how could Energy Transfer Partners make such a guarantee when 1) it's not their oil and 2) the company that will be refining the oil and shipping it to the Port of Beaumont has considered exporting and was one of the few refiners that supported lifting the export ban.
Phillips 66 is in a joint venture agreement with ETP and Sunoco Logistics Partners on two pipelines that would transfer Bakken crude to Beaumont, Texas. The Illinois-to-Texas portion of the pipeline route would retrofit an existing natural gas line to handle crude.
 Phillips 66 President Tim Taylor believes the North Dakota-to-Illinois portion of the pipeline route will be able to supply the company’s Bayway refinery in New Jersey. From there it could be moved via tanker to Texas. Once you get the Bakken crude there, Taylor said, it “creates the opportunity to export should that develop.”

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