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Know Nothing Bimbo Regurgitates Exploded Corporate Propaganda Talking points about DAPL

Discredited ideas never seem to die. We live in an age where Cartesian dualism and Malthusian population theory still hold sway in popular opinion. Hell! There's even a flat earth society. You would think that the free competition of ideas and open debate would tend to eliminate invalid ideas and promote sound ideas, but a combination of social engineering, centralized control of the media, and plain ole bias human nature has rendered such an ideal unattainable. The closest thing we have to free competition of ideas is the alternative media and that may soon disappear.

0:14 - 0:28 Genetic Fallacy

Simply being from South Dakota and having family in North Dakota does not make your arguments valid or your conclusions sound. Even people that live in those states must find primary sources otherwise they are merely relying on gossip.

0:39 - 0:46 Rail Car transport is actually safer than pipeline if you're talking about the quantity of oil spilled and not the frequency of spills

As I noted in Corporate Propaganda about DAPL Exposed (Part 2)

One of the talking points that the Big oil lobby and their useful idiots (neoliberal dupes) like to tout is that pipelines are the safest way to transport oil. This of course is nothing more than a sleight of hand. If by safer, they mean that pipeline leaks occur less frequently than rail and truck spills, then they are correct.

According to the '2013 Oil Medium - Term Market Report', produced by International Energy Agency, the rail versus pipeline incident ratio is 2:1, that is to say, the risk of a train spill is two times higher than that of a pipeline leak.
'Our calculation implies 0.09 incidents and 26 barrels released per 1 billion barrel-miles of crude oil transported by pipeline during a 2004 - 2012 period. Comparing that with figures for rail, we quantify the risk of a train incident to be 6 times higher than that of a pipeline, while pipelines spill 3 times more per 1 billion barrel miles of crude oil transported, over the 2004 - 2012 period. '
'Any spill constitutes a railway incident in these calculations, while only spills over 5 gallons constitutes a pipeline spill. Putting both modes of transport on a level playing field by considering spills over 5 gallons only, the rail versus pipeline incident ratio would be only 2:1. '
However, if by safer they mean the amount of crude spilled is less, then rail and truck transportation is safer than pipeline transportation.
'Increasing volumes of crude oil transported by rail raise questions of safety. Our analysis reveals that compared to pipelines, rail incident rates are higher (2 times higher) while the opposite holds for spill rates.' 
Comparing that with figures for rail, we quantify the risk of a train incident to be 6 times higher than that of a pipeline, while pipelines spill 3 times more per 1 billion barrel miles of crude oil transported, over the 2004 - 2012 period. '
Pipelines spilled 25.9 barrels per 1 billion barrel miles of crude, while trains spilled 8.6 barrels per 1 billion barrel-miles of crude oil. Within in the same time period, pipelines released 424,000 barrels of crude while trains released 2,269 barrels of crude. Clearly transporting crude by pipeline is less safe than transporting crude by rail car, and neither is safe in the long run. Perhaps when they said 'safer' they meant cheaper.

Notice that Tomi does not cite any facts, figures, or statistics in her argument, just cheap appeals to authority and wild grasping at straws.

1:02 - 1:06 Does Tomi even logic?

Does she realize that their current water intake is already downstream from the pipeline and that moving it further downstream doesn't prevent contamination?

1:11 - 1:15 Strawman

The pipeline is on tribal lands, said no one ever. If you can't cite any source or example of this claim then I have no recourse but to assume that you pulled it out of your ass to make your opponents look incredulous.

1:44 400 meetings in two years? And the tribal leaders never bothered to show up to any of them?

Wherever Tomi got her numbers, and I suspect she got them from the same site I debunked back in October, the fact of the matter is that tribal council members met with DAPL representatives as early as September 30, 2014: 3 months before the company applied for a permit and 20 months before they began construction.

The Tribal Historic Preservation Office contacted the Army Corps as early as February 2015, several months before construction began, and again in April of the same year, without receiving a response to any of the concerns they raised, their request for an environmental impact statement and and their request for tribal consultation.

Oddly enough, the former Stand Rocking historic preservation officer did file court documents in the beginning of August that provided details concerning culturally and historically significant sites.

2:01 Poisoning the well

Lets compare apples to apples

As I noted in Corporate Propaganda About DAPL Exposed (Part 1) Dakota Access couldn't have even started the project without 'infringing on private property.' Of course, like all good neoliberal thugs, they had the government to do their dirty work.
'Dakota Access filed suit against the Minnehaha County landowners in April (2015), saying its surveyors need to check all properties along the proposed route to determine if the land is suitable for an underground crude oil line. The company has filed similar legal action in Lincoln County against others.’
Minnehaha County, SD judge, Mark Salter, granted DAPL the right of way to survey the property of 24 landowners months before the PUC even permitted construction, which suggests the PUC hearing was nothing more than a formality, and Judge Mark Salter was simply streamlining the construction process i.e. the landowners who “voluntarily" agreed to easements didn’t have any other choice.
'Joy Hohn, one of the landowners involved in the case, said she was "highly disappointed" by the ruling.'
"An oil leak to the west of Sioux Falls could run through farm drainage tiles and tributaries that go through the Sioux River, Skunk Creek and Wall Lake," Hohn said. "This would affect the water aquifers for Sioux Falls and surrounding communities.”
Joy's husband Rod Hohn said after the hearing that he feels as though opponents are "fighting a losing battle.”
"They're just pushing this thing through with an iron fist," he said.
 DAPL doesn't shy away from using brute force wherever they meet resistance. Landowners that aren't willing to 'voluntarily' allow construction on their land, which is agricultural for the most part, actually don't have a choice after all; the holdouts in Iowa found this out the hard way.
'Dick and Judy Lamb, a farm couple with land west of Ames (Iowa) that will be cut diagonally by the pipeline, said they were informed Monday that their crops had been cut but were told they would not be notified 48 hours prior to construction commencing on their land.’
"There just aren't words to describe having the government seize your land and destroy it and have no recourse and nothing you can do. It's an anger and a hopelessness that I have difficulty expressing," Dick Lamb said.  
It appears Tomi cares about property rights as much as any Republican politician does, which is to say she only cares about the property rights of the Republican's corporate donors. Apparently violence and vandalism are ok when the government does it on behalf of private corporations; how very conservative of her.

2:37 The mainstream media has been silent about the protests.

Has Tomi been anywhere outside of the echo chamber circle jerk that is the alt right spin zone? MSM has said next to nothing about the protest. Nada. Zilch.

The only source she cited in her video is her Facebook which is filled with the most vain and mind numbing stupidity.

Oh, did I mention that the oil moved through this pipeline will be exported to Asia. So much for all that talk about 'energy independence' and all that other hot garbage.

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