Thursday, December 29, 2016

The Latest Police State Extortion Racket: Imposing 'Booking Fees' on the Exonerated

Several counties in Kentucky and Colorado impose a booking fee on people held in their jails even if they are not convicted. The Colorado law specifically requires claimants to file a separate suit and prove they are innocent of the crime they have been exonerated of, the exact opposite of what criminal law is based on. It is a basic axiom of logic that the burden of proof falls on the individual, or in this case, government making a claim; the person denying the claim, that they are guilty of a certain crime, is never obliged to prove a negative. When the police begin to resemble the same criminals they were employed to apprehend, logic and semantics is turned on its head; slavery becomes freedom, war becomes peace, and 2 plus 2 becomes equal to 5. In the U.S. the police have become so criminal that they even break the laws of logic.

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