Monday, January 30, 2017

Trump Keeps His Promise to Kill The Families of Terrorists

Sources: The Intercept and Reuters

Donald Trump has made good on his promise to ‘take out their families.’ In a raid on Al Qaeda leader Abdulraoof al-Dhahab’s house in Yemen, authorized by Trump, Seal Team Six killed 8 women and 7 children along with 14 combatants. According to anonymous testimony corroborated by a Yemeni security officer and local official, everyone inside Abdulraoof al-Dhahab’s house was killed, presumably this was done indiscriminately. The raid was initiated with a drone strike on the Al Qaeda leader’s house so it is not clear how many women and children were killed in the drone strike and how many were killed by gun fire.

‘Take out their families’ was Obama’s MO before Trump adopted it

Although Trump promised to kill civilians during his campaign, this policy is not original to him. As I noted in a previous post, Obama set the precedent for this behavior including killing American citizens without a criminal trial. Obama exacerbated the current war in Yemen between the Houthi rebels, who formed a political council that was ratified by the Yemeni parliament, and the Wahhabi terrorist state by aiding the latter in indiscriminately bombing Yemeni civilians and blocking food and humanitarian aid from reaching their victims. Claiming to fight against Al Qaeda while simultaneously supporting a state (Saudi Arabia) that finances its Syrian affiliate (Al Nusra) and providing weapons to militias that act as front groups for Al-Nusra (Free Syrian Army) is as disingenuous as one can be and another sign that the war on terror is a racket. If it's any consolation, a Trump presidency will bring Obama’s abuses of power to light through Trump’s actions.

As for the one commando killed, I have only this to say:


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