Friday, February 17, 2017

Police Brutality Cost Baltimore 13 Million In 5 Years

Source: Baltimore Sun

Since 2011, the City of Baltimore has paid more than 13 million in settlements to the victims of police misconduct. In the most recent case, the city agreed to pay a $300,000 settlement to the family of Anthony Anderson, after he was killed by police in 2012. Anderson was initially stopped for questioning after officers suspected he was involved in a drug deal. When the officers approached him Anderson hide a bag of heroin gel capsules in his mouth. Then, one of the officers tackled him causing him eight broken ribs, lung bruises, and spleen lacerations. Anderson would eventually succumb to his injuries.

The only way to hold cops personally responsible for using excessive force and violating the constitutional rights of civilians is to abolish qualified immunity and force police departments and sheriffs' offices to purchase personal liability insurance so that the taxpayer would no longer be on the hook for the thuggish and reckless behavior of police, something that is all too common nowadays.

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