Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Refugee Resettlement is Just An Expansion of The Welfare State

A little over a year ago, the Center for Immigration Studies assessed the cost of refugee
resettlement in the U.S. and discovered a number of startling findings using data from the numerous federal agencies involved in the resettlement process.

Key Findings by the Center for Immigration Studies
  • Each refugee will cost taxpayers $64,370 or $257,481 per household after five years. 
  • 91% of refugees will be dependent on food stamps.
  • 68% will be dependent on cash assistance. 
  • The average refugee only has 10.5 years of education: less than a high school education
As if having 44 million people dependent on food stamps in the past year and spending 740 billion on means tested benefits wasn’t enough, the rolls will be expanded to include 85,000 non-citizens who have no cultural or political affinity to the U.S. While feigning concern about the constitution on the subject of Trump’s immigration moratorium, the left has failed to realize that taking from citizens to pay aliens who have no allegiance to this country is unconstitutional. The constitution doesn’t grant the federal government any power to provide charity to its own citizens much less foreigners. The argument for accepting refugees, unlike the argument against it, is not based on its constitutionality or any sound reasoning, but the appeal to emotion fallacy, which is commonplace on the left. If we were to consistently consider the constitutionality of every act of government, the vast majority of our alphabet soup executive agencies would be abolished.

The sole purpose of government is not to become a charity for the world or engage in nation building; it's to protect the individual rights of its citizens. Had the Obama admin not waged an illegal proxy war against Syria by funding Al-Qaeda front groups like the FSA and Al-Zenki the war there might have ended by now and we would not have this mess. As usual, expanding government purview in one area has lead to its expansion in other areas in a vicious cycle of ever-increasing control over our finances.

Trump has proposed several unconstitutional and immoral things, but banning Syrian refugees isn’t one of them. The Anti-Trump Movement is just as unprincipled as the man they are protesting. If one group of authoritarians protests the actions of another group of authoritarians of a different flavor, it does not make the former the victim and the latter the aggressor; if the roles were reversed, as they were in 2009, you would hear them singing a different tune dismissing any concern about the constitutionality of the president’s actions.

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