Monday, February 13, 2017

The FBI Can Use One Warrant To Conduct Indefinite Searches

 Source: Electronic Frontier Foundation 

Last year, during a criminal investigation of Playpen, the FBI used one search warrant to take over the pedophilia site and hacked thousands of computers that visited the site for two weeks. Overall, the FBI searched 8,000 computers located in 120 different countries. This set the precedent for the the FBI to search people who are not even subjected to a criminal investigation. As EFF explains: 
Recent changes to federal rules for issuing warrants may allow the government to hack into thousands of devices at a time. These devices can belong not just to suspected criminals but also to victims of botnets and other hacking crimes. For that reason, courts need to send a very clear message that vague search warrants that lack the required specifics about who and what is to be searched won’t be upheld."  
Unfortunately our fourth amendment right to freedom from arbitrary searches and seizures  continues to be eroded with each precedent that places expediency over principle. Allowing the FBI to search thousands of computers with one warrant is just one assault in a long litany of assaults against the fourth amendment that will only grow larger in the information age.

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