Thursday, February 23, 2017

Trump Didn't 'Drain The Swamp': He Conned His Gullible Supporters

One of the most reoccurring themes of the Trump campaign, aside from illegal immigration, was that only he would remove 'special interests' from control of the executive office, but Trump quickly reneged on his campaign promise and filled his cabinet with 'special interests' of a conservative bent. The only question is where is all the faux outrage from Trumpbots who criticized other candidates for what they perceived as a weakness that made Trump unique. All of the Trumpbots that criticized Clinton for being bankrolled by Goldman Sachs were silent or even supportive when Trump appointed several Goldman Sachs veterans to his cabinet including Steve Mnuchin as Treasury Secretary, Wilbur Ross as Secretary of Commerce, Diana Powell as senior counselor for economic initiatives, Gary Cohen as an economic advisor, Jay Clayton as head of the SEC, and Steve Bannon as his chief strategist. If Hillary had won and done the same thing they would be throwing a shit fit right now. The point is not that their criticisms of Hillary were illegitimate, I assure you most of them were, but that they were hypocritical in light of recent events and their corresponding silence on the matter. If you recognize the pattern you'll understand why Betsy Devos, a woman who has never taught in her life, was appointed as the Secretary of Education. For one thing, she is the sister of Erik Prince, the infamous Blackwater founder, who just happened to donate $150,000 to Make America Number 1, a SuperPac that backed Trump after he became the inevitable nominee in April, and historically her family has been big donors to GOP candidates. Rick Perry is also a strange pick for a position he wanted to abolish four years ago, but couldn't remember, and is no less a sketchy figure given the fact that he was on the board of directors for Energy Transfer Partners not too long ago. It seems like Trumpbots have a bias memory and attention just like every other kind of partisan hack. Their 'GodEmperor' isn't going to save America; like every other president, he'll just be another puppet to 'special interests' and 'donors', as Trump said of Jeb Bush.

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