Saturday, March 11, 2017

The Red Tape Times (article 27)

New England Fisherman Challenge Obama's Marine National Monument

Source: Pacific Legal Foundation

Author: Jonathan Wood

On September 15, 2016, President Obama declared 5,000 square miles of the Atlantic ocean, 130 miles off of the coast of Cape Cod, a national monument, setting it off limits to the fishing industry in New England. Obama claimed that he was using the 1906 Federal Antiquities Act to protect coral reefs, but as Jonathan Wood has aptly pointed out, the law only applies to federally owned land and 130 miles off the coast of Cape Cod is international waters. Furthermore, this may have the unintended effect of concentrating commercial fisherman into less sustainable fisheries and increase the risk that their gear may injure whales. Commercial fisherman have a vested interest in preserving fish populations and the coral reefs they live around since their livelihoods are dependent on it. Obama, like any other crook in Washington, is only concerned about coral reefs in so far as it provides him political capital to pad his own public image.

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