Monday, April 24, 2017

Chlorine, Not Sarin Was Initially Reported As Agent Used In Khan Sheikhun Bombing

Source: Moon Of Alabama

I was skeptical of the news reports that the Syrian air force used sarin gas against the people of Idlib, as any rational person should have, since the primary source for information on the incident came from the highly censored and government controlled Turkish media. It is illegal to criticize the government in Turkey and any journalist that doesn't tow Erdogan's agenda will quickly find himself in a 6x8 cell. I trust reporting from the Turkish media as much as I trust the Wahabbi terrorist state or the maniac across the sea of Japan. It turns out the Turkish state press initially reported chlorine gas, not Sarin, as the chemical agent that killed civilians in southern Idlib on Tuesday, April 4th, but by Thursday they had changed their narrative to Sarin gas. Chlorine is not designated as a chemical weapon under Geneva protocols on chemical warfare, so perhaps they cooked up the sarin narrative to make the situation more shocking. Chlorine gas would certainly fit the facts on the ground better since witnesses reported seeing and smelling the gas (Sarin is orderless and colorless), the so called first responders of the White Helmets were pictured wearing dusk masks and touching victims without gloves a couple hours after the incident (a dust mask will not protect you from Sarin), and the symptoms listed fit the toxic effects of chlorine gas. Symptoms of sarin poisoning include diarrhea, Nausea, vomiting, and convulsions. Victims would be defecating and puking all over the place if they survived but none of this was shown in the White Helmet's neatly edited photography. The Turkish Justice Minister was also caught lying about the World Health Organization conducting autopsies, which WHO rebutted. Evidence from the first sarin incident in 2013 pointed to the 'moderate' Al Qaeda rebels as the perpetrators, so who actually possessed the Chlorine at the time of the incident is yet to be seen.

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