Friday, June 30, 2017

White House Claims To Have 'Stopped' Chemical Weapon Attack On The Same Day That They Killed 82 Iraqi Civilians


On June 29th, Trump boasted about stopping Assad from carrying out a chemical weapons attack on the same day that the U.S. coalition killed 82 civilians in Iraq, which is equivalent to the death toll that supposedly resulted from Assad's last 'chemical weapons' attack in April, and a bit less than the number of civilians killed by the U.S. coalition's chemical weapons attack, using white phosphorus, in Raqqa at the beginning of June. On June 29th, U.S. coalition strikes on Mosul and Nineveh killed 82 civilians.

Summary: Local residents and press sources said that at least 80 civilians were killed and others injured – mostly children and women – after shelling and airstrikes hit their houses near the Nuri Mosque in the ongoing battle for the liberation of Old Mosul.Half of the civilians died as a result of air strikes, said Alaraby news.
Yaqein Agency put the death toll at 82 civilians and said this was the work of the Joint Forces and their militias.

Of course, to call this contested is patently absurd. ISIS does not have an air force, so if airstrikes killed these people then only the U.S. coalition could possibly be responsible for their deaths. While this high of a death toll is unusual, it is excepted that civilians will always die in war zones; this is why wars cannot logically be waged for 'humanitarian reasons'. Anyone who claims a 'humanitarian' motive is either a low IQ dupe who trusts the government in almost every matter or a defense industry shill who knows they're full of shit but maintains the lie anyway because it's profitable.

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