Thursday, July 27, 2017

MSM Continues To Promote Idea of Microchipping Humans


The original story is "Wisconsin tech firm to implant RFID microchips in employees". I found the story on a local news site that I occasionally browse for material. The story itself is innocuous. The program is voluntary and allows participants to purchase snacks from vending machines, access offices without key cards, and operate the copier. However, the idea behind the story has been excessively promoted by the mainstream over the past few years. ABC did a similar segment on a Swedish company voluntarily microchipping their employees in April. In June, the UK Independent published a piece on a Swedish commuter train that offered customers the option to replace their tickete with an implanted microchip. In May of 2016, an NBC affiliate ran a story on a San Francisco mother who microchipped her teenage daughter with special needs. Of course, the story also promoted the idea of microchipping children in general and predicted they would become as common as bar codes in the future. In 2014, Fox News promoted the idea of microchipping U.S. citizens to identify them at security checkpoints, allow them to buy groceries without carrying a wallet, and find captured soldiers and journalists in war zones. In September of last year, The Dr. Oz Show did a 2 minute piece promoting the idea of using microchips to store medical data, identify people at the hospital, buy groceries, and even open the front door to your house, calling it the next big technological break through even though it has been implanted in pets for the past few decades. This isn't necessarily something nefarious, but it does make me wonder why the idea of microchipping people like animals is so enticing and if the federal government is behind this effort to make it more popular.

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