Friday, August 25, 2017

A Guide To Leftist NewSpeak

In a recent Econtalk podcast, Russ Roberts and his guest, linguist John McWhorter, discussed the evolution of the English language. As I am sure we are all aware by now, the meaning of words change over time. For instance, gay use to be synonymous with happy and silly use to be synonymous with blessed. A particularly interesting concept that was brought up during the discussion is the idea that some words do not have a meaning but rather a function; these are pragmatics. The word 'shit' for instance can be a noun, a verb, an adverb, an adjective or an interjection depending on the context it's used in, and it doesn't always refer to excrement. The same is true of the word fuck. There are a plethora of pragmatics in the politisphere. On the left side of the spectrum, the most common pragmatics are 'Nazi', 'fascist', and 'racist'. Now these terms do have dictionary definitions, but nobody on the left bothers to look them up, so for the most part they have functions rather than meanings. These pejoratives are meant to end dialogues. They indicate, to other leftists, that a person's political opinions (usually a straight white male) are so repulsive as to be unworthy of serious debate, and their application isn't limited to people who admire Hitler and advocate for a white ethno-state. Nazis and fascists run the gamut from white nationalists like Richard Spencer to rank-and-file Republicans to libertarians and free market advocates. In other words, these are catch all terms for anyone who disagrees with a leftist. The idea is that the connotations and imagery these terms invoke will be associated with the person who disagrees with them. So when leftists say they want to ban 'hate speech' from Nazis, what they mean to say is that they want to ban dissent to left-wing dogma. For example, being against illegal immigration and amnesty is racist apparently, even if your concerns relate to national security and not demographic changes. To think deporting illegal aliens is categorically the same as mass murdering Jews is asinine to a normal person with a functioning brain, but not if your native tongue is leftist newspeak. The same is true of people who are critical of our overgenerous welfare state. It must be because they hate black people and minorities, it can't possibly have anything to do with the fact that our social programs have added more to the national debt than all of our wars combined or the fact that it creates a disincentive to work. Nope, it's because of racism. Its hate speech, let's ban it. Against adding millions of Syrian refugees to the government dole? Your rationale doesn't matter, it's racist hate speech. There are a plenitude of other examples I won't include here.

According to the left, all white people are racist, but the term is only ever used against white people who aren't self-flagellating. Even if you don't use racial slurs and treat everyone with kindness you're still a racist cuz muh privilege. This should give you a general understanding of the sort of mind games these people play.

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