Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Maine Governor Asks Feds To Override Will of The People And Nullify Cannabis Legalization

Source: 10th Amendment Center

On November 8th ,2016, the electorate of Maine approved a statute legalizing the use of recreational cannabis for persons over 21, in a statewide referendum, by a slim margin of 50.3% to 49.7%. The statute went into effect on January 30th, 2017. Republican Governor Paul LePage is not content with his constituency's decision to allow adults to consume a certain psychoactive plant. In a local radio interview, he called for the federal government to step in and once again dictate what adults can put in their own bodies because daddy government knows best. The irony of calling for federal control over what people can put in their own bodies was not lost on the same governor who recently signed a law giving local communities and towns control over which foods could be produced and sold within their jurisdiction, allowing people to produce and sell things such as raw milk without state licensing and inspections. A similar consideration for cannabis is not only congenial since it is often used in cooking and food prep, it is the logical conclusion of a moral principle that nearly everyone recognizes intuitively in everyday life but suddenly abandons at the polling booth. I am sure LePage recognizes self-ownership in other areas of life that are not politicized or that otherwise align with his agenda. Surely he is against initiatory violence perpetrated by private persons against other private persons, but when a group of men who call themselves the government do it it's magically made permissible by the turn of phrases 'common good' and 'law and order.' A lack of principles and reliance on expediency is the cause of this chasm.

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