Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Florida Police Now Confiscating Guns From People With No Due Process

Source: Studio News Network

A 56-year-old Lighthouse Point man in Boward County, Florida had all four of his pistols taken away under Florida’s new red flag law. The man did not commit a crime and he was not involuntarily hospitalized and given a psychological evaluation, as required by the baker act. The authorities simply deemed him psychologically unfit based on a few strange behaviors and subsequently confiscated his weapons. A similar fate befell a man in Seattle, Washington, who had his guns temporarily confiscated for staring out a shop window while open carrying. Both men must now prove that they are ‘psychologically fit’ to get their guns back. These pre-crime red flag laws aren’t any different from civil forfeiture where the police can take your property without providing evidence that you committed a crime and the IRS can wipe your bank account for making frequent deposits slightly below $10,000. Yes, the same pre-crime laws that allow police to rob small business owners who run legal establishments, allows them to disarm innocent people and leave them defenseless. These laws are also reminiscent of a not too distant past when states forcible sterilized certain people under the guidance of eugenics theories on the presumption that they were degenerate: genetically prone to crime and poverty. These laws no less promote deep seeded societal prejudices against the mentally ill, and gives credence to the false notion that they are inherently violent. If the thinking behind these laws were taken to its logical conclusion there would be no reason not to eliminate the presumption of innocence across the board. Why not throw people in prison without a trial based on their supposed ‘risk’ to society? Such thinking would logically lead us to a totalitarian state not much different from Trump’s communist friends across the Pacific. Of course gun control advocates don’t think logically. It is more profitable for them to use cheap appeals to emotion and scare tactics.

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