Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Olmos Park Police Sued For Violating First Amendment Rights

Source: News 4 San Antonio

I first learned about these gun grabbers from @mikebluehair42 on his podcast Strategic Noncompliance. Apparently, this suburb of San Antonio had an ordinance, which was recently removed during a city council meeting, that practically banned open carry. I say practically because it technically only banned open carrying loaded guns, which we all know is a specious pretext for arbitrary search and seizure. A video of Olmos Park Police pummeling two men on the ground for peacefully exercising their second amendment rights sparked a gun rights protest and the alternative media attention now circulating this event. Apparently, in a related event from February, Olmos Park Police arrested a man named Jack Miller for open carrying a rifle at night and assaulted a woman for filming the incident.

Joanna Castro, who is also a second amendment advocate and copwatcher, has filed a lawsuit against one particular officer for violating her first amendment right of free press by ordering her to stop filming, slapping her camera, shoving her to the ground, hitting her with an AR15 and having her arrested in retaliation for filming them. As you can see from the video above, Joanna was not interfering with the arrest at any point; she was at least 50 feet away from the guy open carrying. The thug officer clearly initiated the aggression and escalated the encounter into physical violence.

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