Monday, November 25, 2019

CIA Backed Terrorists Torturing and Murdering Civilians With Impunity

Sources: Ghastly night raids turn into nightmares for Afghans, Clandestine operations and CIA-backed forces endanger peace in Afghanistan

Even as civilian casualties continue to fall in the never ending war in Afghanistan, deaths caused by American and Afghan government forces have exceeded those attributed to the Taliban for the first time. This year, 305 civilian fatalities were attributed to American and Afghan forces, a 39% increase over the previous year, while only 227 were attributed to the Taliban and other insurgent groups. Of course, by American and Afghan forces the mockingbird media really means the CIA and their terrorist militias such as 02 Unit and the infamous Khost Protection Force. Similar to the moderate rebels in Syria, these militias are known to target civilians in their raids, under the pretense of fighting the Taliban, as well as kidnap and torture journalists or anyone who may expose their criminal activity. Sometimes they have killed entire families in their counter-terrorism operations, which usually take place at night.

Masehur Rehman, a 38-year-old refugee laborer returned home in July from neighboring Iran, to see his entire family blown-up in one such dreadful air raid in Maidan Wardak province.With obvious agony and powerlessness evident in his exhausted eyes, Rehman told Anadolu Agency his quest for justice continues. “I lost my whole life, my entire family, my wife, four daughters, three sons and nieces in an air raid by the security forces in July." Rehman said residents in his village are still haunted by the memories of the deadly night raids. All of these victims were minors, below 18 years of age, he said.
Similar to KPF operations, the 02 unit regularly kills civilians during its operations, as has happened many times during recent months.First, they attacked us with bombs. Then they entered the living room and started to shoot around,Jamal Khan, a local from Nangarhar's Rodat district, told me.They didn't care about who they were killing. They killed my uncle and his nine-year-old son. His wife and his other child were injured.The operation took place last October when the unit in a single night raided three different houses. By the end, 13 civilians were dead, including at least four children. Shortly after the raids, the Afghan government claimed that only Islamic State fighters were killed.

According to a UN report this year, “pro-government” forces killed 145 civilians in 43 drone strikes between January 1st and March 31st of this year. Like the various “pro-government” militias terrorizing Afghans during night raids, the drone program is also controlled by the CIA.

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